Exercise Away Those Winter Blues

Newport Neighbors, November 2019
By Dr. Daniel Hatch

Finding the balance between completing all of our life responsibilities and fitting in exercise can be difficult to begin with. As we head into the winter months, it can become even more difficult as the days are shorter and the weather less inviting. Below are a few great tips to help keep you on track throughout the cold and drury months:

● Find a training partner – Accountability can go a long way in establishing and keeping to a consistent exercise routine. Having a partner in crime can help keep you motivated and on track when the weather is telling you to go back to bed. When we make plans on a regular basis to meet up and workout, we are less likely to fall off.
● Get up and go – Even in the nicer months, getting your workout done early in the day is typically better. As most of us live busy lives, a lot of things from work to social obligations to family can pop up throughout our days that could deter us from completing our workout plans later in the day. Getting up and getting it done with will reduce the chance of missing a workout and plus you’ll feel great the rest of the day.
● Consider a class – Having a regularly scheduled class that you enjoy attending can also help keep you on a consistent exercise routine. From yoga, to HIIT classes, and everything in between. Having something on your schedule each week reduces the temptation to skip.
● Gear up – Having the right gear to workout in during the winter months will make the workouts more comfortable and enjoyable. The more comfortable you feel, the more likely you will be to want to workout. This includes good shoes, nutrition to keep you energized, and clothes that help protect you from the elements.
● Set a goal – Having a goal on the books for the early spring, no matter how big or small it may be, will help to keep you more consistent throughout those short and cold days. Knowing we are working towards something can keep us motivated and focused when mother nature is telling us otherwise.

Dr. Daniel Hatch is a physical therapist, Ironman, and owner of NPT HealthWorks, Rhode Island’s 1st value-based healthcare company which provides a variety of proactive and reactive health and wellness services/products.

Training with the American Magic

Newport Neighbors, August 2019
By Dr. Daniel Hatch

NPT HealthWorks is honored to be working with some of the best sailors in the world, we couldn’t have been more excited to accept our supporting role as a provider of massage and physical therapy to the entire team of American Magic and their shore crew. As myself and many of our staff have grown up here on Aquidneck Island, we’re honored to play a role in their ongoing endeavor to bring the America’s Cup home to Newport RI. Working alongside the talented in house personnel of Ryan West and Baden Cashmore, our goal is to help the team achieve and maintain performing at their highest level with the least amount of discomfort possible and with the lowest chance for injury. Injury = lost time on the water = decreased performance.

Like all athletes that walk through our doors, sailors have to contend with the rigors of training. Due to the specific postural and physical demands of their sport, common areas of potential injury are the low back, neck, shoulders and forearms. Through bio-mechanical screenings, mobility sessions and strength training, the team and NPT looks to reduce these potentials. If an issue does occur, tight monitoring insures early detection and allows for a interventions with treatment modalities (manual therapy, dry needling etc.) to help correct and treat these issues before they become injuries. A strong argument can be made that the demands on the American Magic sailors/support team bodies are greater than normal as they are moving at such high speeds and dealing with larger forces than most other sailing teams. This results in increased stressors on the human body & mind and subsequently requires an increased amount of recovery work.

Let’s define recovery work. Yes it’s called “work” as is in large part it is an active process and may include stretching, massage, foam rolling, trigger point dry needling, rest, proper hydration and nutrition, and meditation. A common misconception is the body recovers with rest alone. Though an important component of any recovery program, it is not enough to properly prepare for the next training or performance session.

Speaking of the mind, the American Magic team is also faced with the ongoing mental and emotional stress of a long term, high stakes campaign. There is no denying the connection between mind and body. The evidence is clear. Adding to the physical wear and tear of training, stress will have a negative impact on the body if left unaddressed. Stress can result in muscle tension or pain, fatigue, and restlessness which can subsequently decrease performance. Taking the time to focus on the body and mind through massage, myofascial release sessions, and PT treatments greatly reduces the negative effects of this stress.

NPT HealthWorks named an Official Supplier to New York Yacht Club American Magic

What’s Up Newp, February 21,  2019
By Ryan Belmore

Newport-based NPT HealthWorks, a provider of physical therapy, athlete support, nutrition and wellness consultation, has confirmed with What’sUpNewp that they have been named as an Official Supplier of New York Yacht Club American Magic, a U.S. Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup.

American Magic was formed in 2017 to win the America’s Cup, the highest prize in sailing and the oldest trophy in international sports.

According to NPT Healthworks, “American Magic’s primary base is in Rhode Island, with the team also maintaining a winter base in Pensacola, Florida. American Magic is currently conducting athlete performance development and training at both locations with assistance from NPT HealthWorks”.

“When it comes to athlete health and injury prevention, NPT HealthWorks can provide the level of excellence and depth of experience needed by an America’s Cup team,” said Ryan West, Head of Athletic Performance for American Magic in a prepared statement sent to What’sUpNewp. “The physical demands of sailing an AC75 will exceed what has been asked of Cup sailors in the past, which underscores the challenge in front of us. NPT HealthWorks will play an important role in our success.”

Currently, seven America’s Cup teams from around the world, including a second U.S. challenger, Stars & Stripes Team USA, are preparing to compete on AC75 class boats, an advanced 75-foot foiling mono-hull powered by 11 sailors in the 36th America’s Cup in Auckland, New Zealand in 2021.

“As a company passionate about helping individuals make better and informed decisions about their health, NPT HealthWorks is extremely excited to help the athletes and shore staff of American Magic perform at a high level, avoid injury, and recover efficiently from the rigors of a cup campaign,” said Dr. Daniel Hatch, owner of NPT HealthWorks in the statement. “Our knowledgeable and talented massage and physical therapists love working with sailors of all levels and we are honored to be part of this campaign to bring the America’s Cup back to Newport.”

As far as other local sponsors and partners. on February 13th American Magic announced Sail Newport as a Sailing Community Partner.

American Magic’s Official Innovation Partner is Airbus. Other partnerships include Official Apparel Sponsor Helly Hansen and Official Control Systems Sponsor Parker Hannifin.

For more of our coverage on American Magic, click here.

NPT HealthWorks and Fitzpatrick Team sign on as presenting sponsors of inaugural Aquidneck 10k

What’s Up Newp, January 29, 2019
By Ryan Belmore

Fitzpatrick Team with Remax of Newport and NPT HealthWorks will serve as presenting sponsors for the inaugural Aquidneck 10K. The new road race event, which will take place on March 24th, 2019, is produced by Gray Matter Marketing and will start and finish at Sachuest Beach.

“We’re proud to welcome two local businesses to support this event,” says Matt Gray, President of Gray Matter Marketing. “Together with NPT HealthWorks and Fitzpatrick Team, we’ll be able to give our participants a high-quality race experience, and provide the Norman Bird Sanctuary with even more support through the event.”

The 6.2-mile Aquidneck 10K course will start and finish at Sachuest Beach. Participants will run or walk alongside beach grass and sand dunes, down Sachuest Point, pass the Norman Bird Sanctuary on Hanging Rock Road, as well as stunning homes and historic churches, showcasing the beauty of Aquidneck Island. A portion of each registration fee for this event will be donated to the Norman Bird Sanctuary in support of their conservational and environmental efforts.

The Aquidneck 10K is open to runners and walkers of all abilities. All registrants will receive a race bib with a chip timer, as well as an event shirt. Athlete food will be available at the finish, and on-course water stops and aid stations will be available.

For more information, and to register, visit www.aquidneck10k.com

Brick Alley Pub, NPT HealthWorks team up for plant-based event

Newport Daily News, January 10, 2019
By Rachael Thatcher Daily News Staff writer

Pub-style and vegan aren’t words often associated with one another. Dan Hatch, owner of NPT Healthworks, and Matt Plumb, manager of Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant, intend to change that — at least for one night.

NEWPORT — Pub-style and vegan aren’t words often associated with one another, but Dan Hatch, owner of NPT Healthworks, and Matt Plumb, manager of Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant, intend to change that — at least for one night.

The two friends are coming together for “Plant-Based Everything Night” at the Brick Alley Pub on Thursday, Jan. 17, from 6-9 p.m.

“Doing this event, we want to showcase what healthy eating can be,” Hatch said. “Matt already has a reputation for awesome food, so it’s a great way to show plant-based has a lot of flavor.”

There will be two halves in the event, each consisting of four vegan dishes served at stations. Choices include tomato basil bisque, sweet potato quesadillas, quinoa veggie sliders, assorted pizzas and more.

There will also be a dessert option, and throughout the evening there will be sample-sized, plant-based beers, wines, bourbon and vodka cocktails. Full size cocktails also will be available.

Overall health and wellness is something Hatch takes seriously. When he founded his business, he opened as Newport Physical Therapy. The named has been changed to NPT Healthworks to encompass all aspects of health, including nutrition.

Hatch has eaten a plant-based diet for the past two years and has found great success with clients who make the switch.

“The challenge for people is knowing what to eat in the plant-based world,” Hatch said. “Matt has put some options on the [Brick Alley Pub] menu that my clients enjoy being able to find.”

Plumb, an admitted omnivore, has been successful in incorporating plant-based dishes — such as the pan-fried chickpeas that will be featured at the event — on the everyday menu.

So why is the event called “plant-based” and not simply vegan? “It’s more approachable,” Hatch said. “We’re not here to be preachy. We just want to make them aware that healthy food tastes good.”

Because of the ties to health and wellness, Hatch and Plumb figured this event would be a great way to give back to someone in the community. With the sale of each ticket — which costs $54 — $10 will go to Newport resident Erin Coonan, a local yoga teacher and friend of NPT Healthworks who is battling Stage 4 breast cancer.

This is the first event of its kind, Plumb said, but it may not be the last. “We love doing special events,” he said. If all goes well, expect more “Plant-Based Everything” parties.

“Tickets are going fast,” Plumb said, but they’re not sold out yet. They can be purchased at eventbrite.com/e/plant-based-everything-party-tickets-54030154647.

Value-based health care thrives in Newport, earns Groundbreaker award

By Bob Gulla

Dan Hatch, owner of Newport Physical Therapy, among Newport Life Magazine’s 2018 Top 10 Groundbreakers

Newport Life Magazine’s 2018 Top 10 Groundbreakers

Dan Hatch | Professional

Dan Hatch was fed up. After opening his physical therapy business, and flush with hope of healing folks, he soon became engulfed by paperwork. Mountains of it, all associated with insurance reimbursements. “I’m guessing that most PTs don’t come out of school saying, ‘I hope I get to do lots and lots of paperwork!’”

But that’s what Hatch found himself doing, and worse, leaving the hands-on stuff to aides and assistants. He vowed to come up with a solution that would eliminate his frustration and enable him to get in touch with his patients. “My commitment to PT was simple: I wanted to heal people.”

So he took a huge risk. He tossed the paperwork by avoiding insurance and became the first cash-based, value-based physical therapist in Rhode Island. “I went all in,” he says, with a grin. “I cashed in my savings and decided this is what I would commit to. I guess I’m an all-in sort of guy. We were either going to help people by changing the game, or we were going bankrupt.” He was serious.

Fortunately, Hatch’s risk was rewarded. Today, Newport Physical Therapy is a successful business, where the cost of each service is commensurate with its value. No more mandatory, generic evaluations. “We give each patient the hands-on therapy they need, which is really where the value of working with a physical therapist comes in,” he says. “Our job is to get each one back to the thing they were hoping to get back to.”

Hatch’s new approach has been visionary; other physical therapists are considering making the same full-scale shift away from insurance. Many are finding that their patients’ overall spending can often be much lower without insurance. “The new high deductible health plans often include health savings accounts,” he adds, which can be used to pay for the services he provides.

Without getting too deep into insurance jargon, the bottom line is Hatch and his staff can now provide more care and get better results. And because the crew spends less time pushing paper, they are also able to embrace an innovative approach to health and wellness. “I couldn’t be happier about the way it turned out,” he says. “More and more people are seeing the value of it and I can spend more time with my hands healing them, improving their lives and getting them back to doing what they love.”