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Our Story - The Journey to Value- Based Healthcare

Winner of Newport Life Magazine’s 2018 Groundbreakers Award

Core Value's

“We give each patient the hands-on therapy they need, which is really where the value of working with a physical therapist comes in,” Dr. Dan says. “Our job is to get each one back to the thing they were hoping to get back to.”

Changing the System

Our story begins with Dr. Daniel Hatch, who was frustrated by the traditional physical therapy model where he was seeing a 100 people per week in a conveyer belt style of healthcare. Quality of care was dictated by insurance companies and bottom lines. Clients were assessed quickly and passed off to techs or interns as he moved onto the next. He spent more time filling out the paperwork then he did with the person. The “more patients the better” mindset left him unable to provide his desired high level of care, much less to continue clinically developing as a practitioner. Dr. Dan was feeling unfulfilled, burning out and facing a personal crossroads – change careers or change the system. He chose to change the system.

In 2014, Dr. Dan went all in and opened Rhode Island’s 1st value-based healthcare company, what is now known as NPT HealthWorks.  Over time he has brought together a variety of health and wellness practitioners focused on delivering the highest quality, transparent, and value-based care. Every NPT HealthWorks team member is driven to create fulfilling relationships with our clients. You aren’t a number and you aren’t a singular body part. Our clients receive more one-on-one attention at every appointment allowing for less frequent appointments while achieving better results.

The Journey to True Health & Wellness

We believe in working both reactively (treating existing pain and injuries), and, proactively through injury prevention and performance-enhancing programs with a focus on pliability, functional mobility, total body healthcare, as well as emotional and mental wellbeing. Truly being healthy and well often requires a team effort via a combination of services and products such as pliability training, strength training, running/walking shoes, recovery work, and mental & emotional care. All our physical services are delivered by practitioners with strong anatomy, physiological, and biomechanical knowledge.  We take our clients on a journey of health and wellness, helping them live a balanced, healthy, and mobile life to function at a high level with improved ease, less medication, and fewer doctor visits and surgeries.

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