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Our Mission: to help individuals make better decisions about their health and to enhance the life of anyone who enters our world.

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We at NPT help active individuals live a balanced, healthy, and mobile life in order to function at a high level with improved ease, less medication, and fewer doctor visits and surgeries. 

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Recovering from an injury? Striving to achieve a goal? Want to keep doing what you love with who you love for as long as possible? NPT HealthWorks meets you wherever you are on YOUR journey andprovides you a personalized plan of care including ongoing education, support, and guidance.

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Value-Based Care

As RI’s 1st value-based healthcare practice established in 2014, we provide a high quality healthcare experience outside of the traditional, outdated, and ineffective insurance based model. Whether you’re seeking physical therapy or personal training, all sessions are one on one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and personalized to your specific needs.


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NPT HealthWorks
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Elizabeth ViolaElizabeth Viola
18:37 25 Jul 23
NPT HW is so lovely and such a nice community. I am lucky enough to have Dr. Hannah as my PT, who is awesome and has helped me tremendously. She’s so knowledgeable and kind, I always look forward to my PT appointments
Tom McDermottTom McDermott
12:33 30 Jun 23
I have been with Dr. Hannah 2 years (for lower back, hip and neck issues)including approximately 15 one-hour sessions. Recently I joined the Newport HealthWorks gym to complement the PT treatments. As a 64 year old avid golfer, pickle ball player, hiker, bicycle rider and grandfather of two active granddaughters, I have found it mandatory to stay in the best shape I can in order to “keep up” and do well at the sports I love. The combination of her regular treatments and designed training regiment makes it happen…it works…it gets results! All that is well and good but the best part is her professionalism, caring demeanor, preparation and knowledge. I could not be happier with the decision to invest with her and NPT HealthWorks!
Brenda Gross-StahlBrenda Gross-Stahl
13:17 18 May 23
Best breakfast and lunch, and you can buy baked goods to go.
Heidi HowardHeidi Howard
21:09 10 May 23
Go see Dr. Hannah and Dr. Liz. Hands-on and hands down the best private physical therapy to make you well!! I had one session of dry needling that was unencumbered by the ridiculous restraints of insurance. They were able to treat my neck and my lower back and thigh all in one session for a maximum amount of relief. Thank you.
Peter LarochePeter Laroche
22:30 25 Apr 23
I can’t recommend NPT Healthworks enough, Dr. Dan put together a great plan to help me get a PR in my second Marathon. Along with a running schedule, he provided me with a wealth of knowledge for nutrition and recovery. I will definitely be working with them again!
Matthew VargasMatthew Vargas
17:58 10 Mar 23
I have had a phenomenal experience with Dr. Liz and the entire team at NPT! Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and most importantly effective. I recovered weeks ahead of schedule after Achilles surgery and could not be happier with my outcome and experience. These folks are pros and an easy choice if you're active and just trying to stay healthy or recovering from an injury. 10/10 thanks Dr. Liz!
Celia BrownCelia Brown
11:06 10 Mar 23
Working with Dr. Dan at NPT has been the best decision I could have made in my recovery from a serious shoulder fracture and dislocation. The use of various modalities - deep tissue, dry needling, strength training etc have helped me exceed all expectations for return of function and ROM to my shoulder. Most importantly, Dr. Dan has structured his business so that every client gets focused, personalized attention which makes all the difference in maximizing recovery.
Tim LeahyTim Leahy
16:34 23 Sep 22
NPT Healthworks is great. I landed there by a friend referral and they expertly diagnosed my hip alignment as the root cause of my calf and plantar issues. They have enabled me to start running pain free at 50 and I haven’t looked back. Their PT work enables athletes of any age and type to train and recover in the best manner.!!
Renee DiNovellaRenee DiNovella
14:18 24 Jun 22
Entire experience is exceptional. Dr Hannah is knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and engaging. Dry needling combined with PT and hands on stretching/massage have helped to improve my chronic head and neck pain. Worth every penny!!! Highly recommend chronic pain sufferers to give it a try. Also, I am very afraid of needles; this therapy was completely tolerable, in fact, quite relaxing.
Liam LeysLiam Leys
14:07 25 Apr 22
I worked with Dr. Hannah to recover from surgery. She was great! Really knowledgeable and super helpful in my whole recovery. She was easy to communicate with and always able to work around any last minute schedule changes on my end. The whole team and facility they have is top notch and I couldn't recommend using them more!
Thomas O'BrienThomas O'Brien
15:22 18 Apr 22
Absolutely outstanding situation for my recovery from double hip surgery to get me back on skates in 6 weeks and feeling confident! The entire set up has met my needs and then FAR exceeded them. Dan, Ozie and others have talked me through every situation - “because of this, then there is pain here…when that happens, this muscle does this and as a result, that happens…” I truly feel I have an understanding of what is going on and why. After many years of pain and limited ability, I now feel like those days are behind me. Top shelf all around!
Alexander FraioliAlexander Fraioli
01:37 10 Apr 22
Dr. Wendy is the most knowledable, patient, KIND PT I've met who is unlike any other. Firstly, her expertise with dry-needling is far superior than anyone else I've gone to and her calm, sincere CARE for her patients really is evident. After MONTHS of dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck which lead down my arm and scared me into pretty significant anxiety, she was able to get me back to normal. Throughout the time, Dr. Wendy even sent me messages and emails periodically to see how I was feeling. I really trust her advice and would strongly recommend her to anyone.
Katie WilkinsonKatie Wilkinson
17:12 01 Apr 22
I started being treated at NPT HealthzWorks back in January and have nothing but excellent things to say. Right from the start , the receptionist was polite , welcoming, and informative . Then I met Dr. Hannah, who took the time to review in detail all the areas that were of concern, and discussed all my options moving forward. She was extremely professional, and friendly , and I always walked out feeling better then when I walked in. Well worth the visits!!! 10 stars in my book…
christophe lambertchristophe lambert
14:29 20 Mar 22
If there was 10 stars I would have given Dan the full lot. Dan has been our secret weapon to win the last Davis Cup tie against Uruguay. Dan's expertise as well as his human skills won the trust of our team. Our Tokyo bronze medalists benefited a lot from his treatments to perform.
Rubin StathamRubin Statham
14:03 15 Mar 22
Just wanted to mention the difference Dan has made in my professional tennis career and life in general. Being our national tennis team Physio he has kept our bodies in perfect condition and recovery from gruelling games. His hard work and attention to detail are second to none, most importantly a genuine human who cares. Results show, great victory for us over Uruguay this week. Thank you Dan and NPT
reece falckreece falck
13:33 15 Mar 22
Worked with Dan at Davis Cup. Highly recommend his work and going to see him. Definitely knows what he’s talking about and really helped me feel a lot better in the short amount of time he worked with me. Great guy as well!
Sam DesmondSam Desmond
19:29 22 Feb 22
10 Stars!!! Dr. Hannah is reliable and professional. She is very knowledgeable and takes personal interest in your recovery. She makes physical therapy enjoyable to go to even when recovery gets tough. Highly Recommend.-SD
Alice I HarrisAlice I Harris
22:23 12 Feb 22
NPT provides a respectful and friendly atmosphere. I have been treated there by Dr. Liz Kilzi, PT DPT, for various physical injuries over the last two years. Dr. Liz combines knowledge, skillful expertise, and compassion in her treatments. I always feel better when I leave than when I walked in,
Jessica ChaseJessica Chase
14:27 03 Feb 22
I have nothing but good things to say about NPT HealthWorks. I've been working with Dan and his staff since 2013 and they've assisted and coached me through various injuries. Scheduling is always extremely convenient - Kristin is very responsive and always goes the extra mile to get me in when I'm in a flare up. Dr. Wendy is THE BEST I've had when it comes to dry needling (and I've worked with a lot of people doing this). She has gotten aches and pains out of me that no other person or treatment could. She offers great exercises and advice on workouts and she always follows up after an appointment to check in with me. She's a magician! The staff, overall, are so welcoming and I feel like I could call any of them with questions and I'd get a response in no time. 5 Stars and more!
Jo MeyerJo Meyer
20:33 31 Jan 22
I started at Newport HealthWorks a few years back and had a great experience. When I returned again with a new injury Dr Nate had moved out of state and I was paired with Dr. Hanna.My experience with Dr. Hanna has been nothing but positive! I have multiple wrist and hand issues and she’s dealing with each problem individually and is using multiple techniques. Dr Hanna has a wonderful bedside manner and every session she evaluates my current issues and I never feel she is rushing or dismissive of my aches and pains. The model of one on one therapy for a full hour with a Doctor of Physical Therapy is the best pt I’ve ever experienced.I’ve been so pleased with Dr Hanna that my husband started to see her too for a knee and lower back issue. He now goes every few weeks for what he calls a pt tune up. Dr Hanna might use dry needling or another technique or give new exercises and stretches to do at home. So now it’s a family affair!Aging is difficult but having Newport HealthWorks and Dr Hanna in our corner has helped us both get through surgery and chronic injuries which in turn helps a lead a more happy and productive life.
Mark FlynnMark Flynn
15:45 06 Nov 21
I had some ankle/foot tendinitis and Dr. Dan recommended On running shoes as a part of the treatment process. He worked with me to find the best pair based on my issue and training goals. They are great all around shoes for comfort and training and I was glad to have expert advice to get the right style.

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