Physical Therapy/Personal Training

"Through proactive and reactive care, we love helping active individuals live a balanced and healthy life. Move with improved ease while limiting trips to the doctor, taking less medication, and avoiding unnecessary surgeries." -Dr.Dan

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Our focus is on you. One-on-one appointments with only our doctors of physical therapy. There is more time dedicated to you allowing for less frequent appointments with more efficient results. 

We efficiently get you back on the court, out on the fairway, riding the roads, hitting the trails, or wherever your passions take you. Our focus is helping you do the things you enjoy, connecting with the people you love, and enjoying the relationships you value.

Our Treatments:

Small group training workouts are tailored to each participant’s fitness level and goals. Learn more about the small group classes.

Dry needling is a treatment used with the goal of releasing hard “knots” within a muscle that may cause pain over a large area, otherwise known as trigger points. The treatment uses solid filament needles inserted through the skin into the muscle to release these trigger points resulting in the deepest/most effective tissue release and allowing for improvements in movement, function, and a decrease in pain. Think of a deep, internal massage of a muscle.

Strength and endurance training are important components of most physical therapy programs. Together we create personalized programs that will strengthen key muscles and improve your cardiovascular endurance in order for you to move as efficiently as possible.

Graston Technique® effectively address scar tissue and fascial restrictions through instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization.

Functional Screens are used to evaluate an individual’s abilities and limitations in regards to movement. The information provided helps a physical therapist develop an individualized program to help you improve your movement and performance, rehabilitate injuries, and prevent new injuries.

Stretching/Pliability exercises improve elasticity, reduce discomfort, improve range of motion, and generally feel good. They offer many health benefits including increased blood flow, increased energy levels, reduced post-workout soreness, improved recovery time, and decreased injury risk. Pliable muscles allow the joint to move efficiently without overloading your tendons or joints.

The way you walk or run is a complex process that requires strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Our clinicians will film you walking/running, break down and educate you on our findings, and together create a plan that keeps you on the road.

Myofascial release is a therapeutic combination of physical therapy and massage, focusing on the importance of the global system that connects all the muscles, bones, and organs. Learn More.

Your exercises should be as unique as you are. Every client receives a program specifically designed for their needs. These may include stretches and strengthening exercises, things to avoid, and things to incorporate into your daily routine.

proactive care

Exceede your expectations.

Injury REhabilitation

Get back to what you love.

Sports Recovery & Preformance

Achieve new horizons.

Common Conditions Treated:

Joint replacement care, pre & post surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries, back & neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, foot & ankle pain, sprains & strains, tendonitis, chronic pain , TMJ, pre & post partum care, and loss of balance/vertigo/stroke. 

Hannah is very attentive to me. You know how you go some places and they just have heard it all and they are complacent? Hannah is the opposite. She has studied me and is aware of my living arrangements and activities. I feel seen when she works on me and she hears my concerns and what my body is telling her. 5 stars. Thank you, Hannah! I can feel the difference after working with you. Thank you!

Meagan C.

I tore my knee (ACL) at the beginning of the COVID nightmare. Dr. Dan helped both with the prehab and posthab. He’s got extensive personal and professional experience with that specific injury which was invaluable. Excellent communication skills. I highly recommend! her. 5 stars. Thank you, Hannah! I can feel the difference after working with you. Thank you!

G. Ramel

I’m so grateful to Newport PT and Dr. Liz for amazing work in every realm. Sidelined from running by a fall and knee injury, I got back to run-walking, running, and three months later a virtual half-marathon (tying my own PR), via Dr. Liz’s kind, responsive, and expert guidance (including exercises, massage, mobility/strength work, dry needling, and more). Thank you!

Paula A.

We at NPT help active individuals live a balanced, healthy, and mobile life in order to function at a high level with improved ease, less medication, and fewer doctor visits and surgeries.