Small Group Classes

Small group classes are offered to the entire community. 

Train Hard, Recover Well

About The Class: In hour-long sessions, Dr. Liz will take you through a series of strengthening exercises, including a weekly stretch and a weekly foam rolling technique that will make you stronger, faster, and overall better athlete. We’ll explain the keys to the win, to take you to the next level, and we’ll have some fun motivating each other in this community class. All athletes and levels are welcome, with modifications available for each exercise.

– All levels of runners welcome.

– 45 Minute Full body strength training + 15 Minutes stretching/foam rolling

– Exercise modifications provided as needed.

– Form cues provided by Physical Therapists

– Community-based fun and motivating environment

– Improved race times

– Decreased injury risk

–  Faster recovery

–  Increased speed and VO2 max

– Increased access to muscles

– Decreased compression through joints

– Improved posture

– Increased Range of Motion


Dates: TBD
Time:  TBD
Location: TBD
Fee: $100 for 10 classes. All proceeds are donated to the YMCA inclusion programming and Race4Chase youth triathlon program.
Any questions please reach out directly to Dr. Liz at

PWR! Moves® for Parkinson’s

Mission for the class: To provide an environment for people with Parkinson disease to participate in specific exercise, socialize, educate, and empower individuals to improve functional movement and quality of life.

Dates: October 10 – December 14
Time:  Tuesdays at 2:15pm 
Location: NPT HealthWorks 13 Memorial BLVD. Newport, RI 02840
Fee: $10/class or $50 for a 6 class package
Call Jordan Juzwiak at 616-916-2751 or email at for more information. 
  • 6-week program led by a PWR! Moves® certified physical therapist.
  • During this class participants will be taken through pre and post fitness testing to measure progress throughout the 6-week session.
  • Each participant will learn the key fundamental and functional PWR! Moves® while participating in the exercise class that is specific for people with Parkinson’s disease.
  • While exercising participants will be progressively challenged cognitively and physically to do more than you think in a fun and supportive environment.
  • People who are able to walk independently with or without an assistive device, are invited to take control of their PD symptoms with PWR! Moves® for Parkinson’s at NPT Healthworks


Call Jordan Juzwiak at 616-916-2751 or email at for more information on the class and cost.


InnerStrength women’s fitness is a small group training class taught by Dr. Hannah Scanlon, DPT. Designed for women ages 40+, the class is catered to the needs of this population with goals of building strength, power, and endurance, as well as providing a safe environment to help you achieve your unique goals. Under the guidance of a Doctor of Physical Therapy, InnerStrength will increase your confidence in weight training by teaching you the proper form and technique to maximize results and minimize the risk of injury. The small group community atmosphere encourages accountability, support, positivity, as well as a bit of fun! All fitness levels are welcome, as each exercise can be adapted to meet you where you are. 

The 10-class series focuses on long term health, functional longevity, and helping you continue to live life to the fullest as you age. For more information, including schedule and cost, contact Dr. Hannah at 

Research shows that strength training improves…

  • Bone and joint health, posture and balance, metabolism, functional strength and mobility, energy levels, mental health, weight management, sleep quality, confidence and body image, stress management
  • When part of a routine strength training also has long term health benefits helping to prevent chronic disease 
  • Instructed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy 

  • Education on exercise guidelines, proper recovery and injury prevention 

  • Small group setting allows for personalized attention, accountability, and support to ensure proper form 

  • Class can be tailored to goals and preferences of each group 

  • Majority of the class consists of full body resistance training using equipment like dumbbells, Barbell, sleds, medicine balls, and TRX straps. 

  • Cardiovascular exercise using machines and body weight (as desired per group) 

  • Power exercises using explosive movement (can always be modified) 

  • Yes! This is the ideal setting to start or get back into exercise! Each workout can be customized to the level and goals of the specific group, and exercises can be modified for individuals within a group. 

  • 3-6 people. Make a group of friends who are interested or join a group of individuals! 

Have a group of friends looking for training or want join a group? InnerStrength can start on a need baises. Contact Dr.Hannah to start!

3 people = $450 per person → $45.00 per session 

4 people = $337 per person → $33.70 per session

5 people = $270 per person → $27.00 per session

6 people = $225 per person → $22.50 per session 

Please contact for pricing. Scheduling depends on if you make a group of your own friends or if you join a group of individuals at a pre set time.


We at NPT help active individuals live a balanced, healthy, and mobile life in order to function at a high level with improved ease, less medication, and fewer doctor visits and surgeries.