Exercise Away Those Winter Blues

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Newport Neighbors, November 2019
By Dr. Daniel Hatch

Finding the balance between completing all of our life responsibilities and fitting in exercise can be difficult to begin with. As we head into the winter months, it can become even more difficult as the days are shorter and the weather less inviting. Below are a few great tips to help keep you on track throughout the cold and drury months:

● Find a training partner – Accountability can go a long way in establishing and keeping to a consistent exercise routine. Having a partner in crime can help keep you motivated and on track when the weather is telling you to go back to bed. When we make plans on a regular basis to meet up and workout, we are less likely to fall off.
● Get up and go – Even in the nicer months, getting your workout done early in the day is typically better. As most of us live busy lives, a lot of things from work to social obligations to family can pop up throughout our days that could deter us from completing our workout plans later in the day. Getting up and getting it done with will reduce the chance of missing a workout and plus you’ll feel great the rest of the day.
● Consider a class – Having a regularly scheduled class that you enjoy attending can also help keep you on a consistent exercise routine. From yoga, to HIIT classes, and everything in between. Having something on your schedule each week reduces the temptation to skip.
● Gear up – Having the right gear to workout in during the winter months will make the workouts more comfortable and enjoyable. The more comfortable you feel, the more likely you will be to want to workout. This includes good shoes, nutrition to keep you energized, and clothes that help protect you from the elements.
● Set a goal – Having a goal on the books for the early spring, no matter how big or small it may be, will help to keep you more consistent throughout those short and cold days. Knowing we are working towards something can keep us motivated and focused when mother nature is telling us otherwise.

Dr. Daniel Hatch is a physical therapist, Ironman, and owner of NPT HealthWorks, Rhode Island’s 1st value-based healthcare company which provides a variety of proactive and reactive health and wellness services/products.

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