Meet Our Team

Dr. Daniel Hatch, PT, DPT

Owner/Physical Therapist

Location: Newport & Bristol

Having played soccer at a high level growing up including the Olympic Development Program, sports and recreational activities were always a large part of my life. After accepting an appointment to the Merchant Marine Academy for soccer, I tore my ACL (a main ligament in your knee) and required physical therapy myself for over a year. I knew from that point on this is a career that I would love.

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Dr. Elizabeth Kilzi, PT, DPT

Clinical Director/Physical Therapist

Location: Newport

After a back injury side-lined me for my junior college basketball season, I spent most of that time rehabbing and learning about how the body operates. PT got me back out on the court feeling better than ever, and I knew I wanted to do the same for others!

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Kristin Hatch, CMT

Director of Operations

Location: Newport

I graduated from Middletown High School and attended the College of Charleston before spending seven years as a Behavioral Specialist with Bradley School. I worked for more than eight years as Restaurant Manager with Newport Harbor Corporation, the last few of which have been at their premier property, Castle Hill Inn Hotel. In 2002, I became massage certified at the Amherst School of Massage.

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Dr. Hannah Scanlon, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Location: Newport

I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology in 2018. In my senior year, I learned about sports rehab during a full-time internship with Providence College Sports Medicine. In graduate school, my clinical rotations gave me experience with orthopedic conditions, chronic pain, low back pain, older adults and geriatrics, and inpatient acute care. I just graduated from the University of Rhode Island Physical Therapy Program in 2021 and I am very excited for my career ahead of me!

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Dr. Wendy Lang, MS, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Location: Newport

When I was in high school I was leaning toward a career in healthcare, and my Mother encouraged me to volunteer at the hospital, and I loved it. I then acquired a job babysitting the children of a Physical Therapist. I read his Physical Therapy journals with fascination, and he allowed me to shadow him in his clinic. I knew then that Physical Therapy was the career for me. More than 30 years later, I cannot imagine doing anything else!

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Dr. Jordan Juzwiak

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Location: Newport, RI 

Myself and my family have always been very passionate about being active throughout our lives. I graduated from physical therapy school in May of 2022, from Bellarmine University where I had clinical experience working with inpatient acute care, outpatient orthopedic, pediatric, gait/balance, low back pain, and people with Parkinson’s disease. I have completed the PWR! Moves therapist certification course to further my education of treating people with Parkinson’s disease. 

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Dr. Daniel Hatch, PT, DPT

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Kristin Hatch, CMT

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Dr. Hannah Scanlon, PT, DPT

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Dr. Wendy Lang, MS, PT, DPT

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Dr. Jordan Juzwiak

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Dr. Andrew Guay, PT, DPT, OCS

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Core Value's

Our Story:

The Spark

Our story begins with Dr. Daniel Hatch, who was frustrated by the traditional physical therapy model, a conveyer belt style of healthcare. Quality of care was dictated by insurance companies and bottom lines. The “more patients the better” mindset left him unable to provide his desired high level of care, much less to continue clinically developing as a practitioner. That's when Dr. Dan decided to open RI's 1st value-based healthcare practice!

“We were either going to help people by changing the game, or we were going bankrupt.”

The Journey

The journey began, as the team grew we became a pratice that puts you first creating action to your goals. 

“We give each patient the hands-on therapy they need, which is really where the value of working with a physical therapist comes in,” Dr. Dan says. “Our job is to get each one back to the thing they were hoping to get back to.”

Changing Times

In 2014, Dr. Dan went all in and opened Rhode Island’s 1st value-based healthcare company, what is now known as NPT HealthWorks.

"We were going to help people and change how healthcare was delivered at the same time" -Dr. Dan (Owner and Lead PT)

Office Visit

Keeps your personal & health care settings separate. Meet with your therapist face to face

At Home

Receive care where you feel most comfortable.


Receive care globally.

Winner of Newport Life Magazine's 2018 Groundbreakers Award

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, a referral from a doctor is not required. This saves our clients time and money. As doctor’s of physical therapy, we can identify when further tests and workup is indicated. In most cases, we can successfully evaluate and treat what is going on and help you avoid costly/time consuming unnecessary tests and doctor visits. 

Prior doctor’s appointments are not required, however, if you have already seen by another healthcare provider and have imaging or visit reports, our doctor’s of physical therapy are happy to review these.

Please wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing that allows for ease of movement.

We are a value-based, out-of-network provider which means we do not directly bill insurance companies.
Some insurance companies may offer out-of-network therapy benefits and reimburse you for some or all of
your PT services with us, we encourage you to call your insurance provider to review your specific benefits.
The benefit of a value-based provider is the direct hands-on care produces more noticeable results with the
need for fewer office visits. This creates financial savings in the long term. The traditional insurance model
does not allow a physical therapist to treat our clients the way we feel is in their best interest subsequently
requiring increased time and money (co-pays and deductibles) to achieve your goals. A large portion of the
value in our PT treatments comes from a full hour with a doctor of physical therapy providing both treatment
and education. No aides, no techs. Better results in fewer office visits per week – means taking less time
out of busy schedules.

Absolutely not!!! When you’re feeling great it’s an excellent time to come in for a visit. As doctor’s of
physical therapy we are musculoskeletal experts who improve the quality of life through hands-on care,
prescribing exercise, and patient education. We teach our patients how to prevent injury in the first place
and improve performance.

We accept the following types of payments:
Credit Cards
Local Checks
Health Savings Account (HSA) & Flexible Spending Account eligible.

Career Opportunities

We are always seeking self-motivated, passionate health and wellness practitioners to potentially join our value-based practice.

Are you a healthcare practitioner interested in learning more about Value Based Healthcare? We offer Consulting to help you establish or transition to a successful and fulfilling value based practice.

With just under 10 years of experience as a value based healthcare provider, we are passionate about helping other existing practices and startups embrace a better way of living/practicing for both themselves and their clients. Along the way, we’ve learned the do’s and don’ts to establishing a successful and fulfilling practice. We love sharing this information through our value based practice consulting.

What we will provide to you?

  • Systems Implementation
  • Understanding of Value Based Practice Theory
  • Branding, Marketing, and Social Media Strategy
  • Culture Development
  • Unique Serving Proposition, Core Values, and Mission Statement Development and implementation
  • Financial Considerations
  • 24/7 Support for a Whole Year
  • Affordable Monthly Payment Plan