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Hi everyone! Dr. Liz here- thanks for tuning in to my very first blog. True story- I’ve never written a blog so the fact that you’re still reading right now is pretty cool. I’m the newest PT on the NPT HealthWorks team, and joined in sept of 2018. Over the course of my blogs, you’ll not only get to know me better but also hear about some of my passions including running, community engagement, and being active! Hope you enjoy 🙂

How did I get here…an indoor athlete thriving in Newport’s outdoor athletic community?

My entire life I was an indoor athlete. I relished the AC of the cool basketball gym, and enjoyed the beauty of a toasty ballet room. Now, I’m that crazy person out there in fleece lined tights, flashing safety vests, neck warmers and alllll the layers. How did I get here? It didn’t happen overnight, but in the past 15 months living in this beautiful place, my wife and I have switched gears from college basketball to distance running and we have this wonderful community to blame. 

We are fortunate to have met our closest friends through running, between the store run at Run Newport on Tuesdays to the well-known Run & Chug group on Thursdays and November Project on Wednesday mornings at the beach. The texts go out, and the social pressure pulls us to our sense of community and friendship and the shared love of one sport… running.

Maybe it fills the void that we lost after we graduated from competitive college sports? For me, it has become a passion and something I look forward to every single day. It is free, it allows for exploring new places, and it brings you into a network of people with like-minded goals. We have borderline elite runners, recreational runners, and new runners  who are brought together to push themselves in whatever way that means to them. The paces and times may be different between us, but running has taught us all that we can do HARD things and that we are capable of more than we think, especially when we are out there exploring together.

Are you looking to try something new? Find a community and go for it!

– Dr. Liz

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  1. Tim Zeeman
    Tim Zeeman says:

    Well put Liz!! I for one love the fact that no matter your age, pace, and ability, the group at Newport run and chug make people feel welcome. I can’t wait for the next run. I’ll be in your class tomorrow only in spirit, but I promise to do my own recovery class to work out my awesome 5k I banged out in 55 degrees today!! NPT might have created a monster!!

  2. Betsy Walker
    Betsy Walker says:

    Nice job, Liz–you’re a natural at the blogging, and your enthusiasm is infectious. I think you may be lazy-shaming me! I’ll be out of town this weekend (running the NYRR Fred Lebow half-mara in Central Park on Sunday–woohoo) but will seriously consider joining the group. It’s the thought of crawling out of bed before the sun the day after a long run that I find so daunting. Even crazy runners have their breaking point! Still, it would be fun to get to know some fellow crazy runners.


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