Tennis & Overhead Athletes

NPT creates tennis training & recovery programs to address the unique needs and to keep players on the court performing at peak levels.

Individual Programs:

NPT Physical Therapists assess the biomechanical limitations that develop through the repetitive nature of the sport and work with you to prevent injuries and relieve the painful symptoms of existing injuries. We create individualized plans to resolve/prevent chronic conditions and overuse injuries, while simultaneously improving sports performance through training and recovery programs.

Team Programs:

NPT HealthWorks is experienced in working at our offices and on location.

Our physical therapists combine group strengthening/endurance, stretching, and recovery programs with individual hands-on appointments and assessments of biomechanical limitations. We understand the physical, emotional, and psychosocial dynamics surrounding tennis teams/organizations. Our tennis training & recovery programs will have tennis players and teams training hard, exceeding expectations, and recovering well.

Program(s) Overviews

Assess your physical and biomechanical limitations.

– Improved performance

– Decreased injury risk

–  Faster recovery

– Increased access to muscles

– Decreased compression through joints

– Improved posture

– Increased Range of Motion

Learn the best methods for recovery.

Train from anywhere. 

Just wanted to mention the difference Dan has made in my professional tennis career and life in general. Being our national tennis team Physio he has kept our bodies in perfect condition and recovery from gruelling games. His hard work and attention to detail are second to none, most importantly a genuine human who cares. Results show, great victory for us over Uruguay this week. Thank you Dan and NPT

Rubin Statham

New Zealand tennis player

If there was 10 stars I would have given Dan the full lot. Dan has been our secret weapon to win the last Davis Cup tie against Uruguay. Dan's expertise as well as his human skills won the trust of our team. Our Tokyo bronze medalists benefited a lot from his treatments to perform.

Christophe Lambert

New Zealand tennis player

Playing professional tennis I had nagging achilles and knee issues for a few months. Dan was amazing, he didn’t just treat the problem, he figured out what caused the problem and what exercises I needed to continue to progress through so It wouldn’t come back. It immediately improved and I have been playing pain free for months. He didn’t just stop with fixing that problem but also found ways for me to have better movement once it was fixed also.

Mike Venus

New Zealand tennis player

We at NPT help active individuals live a balanced, healthy, and mobile life in order to function at a high level with improved ease, less medication, and fewer doctor visits and surgeries.