Winter Inspiration


It’s been a single hobby that wakes me up and forces me outside. A discovery that makes winter a bit more tolerable, dare I even say, beautiful. Even in this brutal cold.  

For some, they wake to workout. For others, self-care rituals like a warm tub, a hot cup of coffee, or to get their fill on the current world news. For me, I wake for nature, the sunrise and to capture the first moments of the morning light.

I take my time bundling up and with camera in hand, I head out to one of my favorite ‘Island’ spots, including; Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge, Brenton Point, Castle Hill Lighthouse, Paradise Valley Park, or one of the many other little gems this special Island has to offer.  


For me, photography has always been a moving meditation. There’s no other option but to focus on what’s right in front of you. It’s embracing the frosted ground, the sea smoke, icicles, and white winter snow. To see those things not as a burden, or road block to getting outside – But adding dimension, depth and beauty to the world around us.  

Before finding photography, I would have told you it was really hard trudging through the cold winter months in New England. I’d let a full season go by with feelings of cabin fever, while dreaming about warmer places to live. Now, I find myself waiting for winter, its harshness and wicked edge so I can photograph the beauty that it has to offer.  

Photography has opened up hours in my busy day. Where I was once hiding from the cold, bundled in bed, burrowed away, you can now find me outside trying to catch the light while snapping the right angle. Adding this time allows me the opportunity to slow-down, focus on the present moment, have time for reflection, creativity and so much more. On days where I am able to practice these self-love rituals, I have found I am a more attentive health-care provider. I am able to give more to others, to be a better active listener and happier individual. With this newer outlook, I would encourage anyone to get outside their box, their comfort zone and home during these long-winter months. To feel the sunshine and see the world for its beauty. But more than anything, I encourage everyone to find something, anything, that fosters physical, emotional and mental self-care.

– Maddie

Note – Be sure to follow Maddie on Instagram (@madeline_bassinder) to see more of her beautiful photography.

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