The Health Benefits of Dog Ownership


Getting a dog in Oct 2018 changed my world. That first year, it challenged me, changed my “norms”, and even broke me down mentally at times. Dog ownership gave me, and has given me every day since then – extreme responsibility, chores, and sacrifice. Everyone warned me, owning a dog would be work. They weren’t lying. But here comes the good part – all of that “hard stuff” was trumped, in the best way possible. What happened was, it has taught me to “show up” every day.

As long as we can remember, we have claimed dogs as one of our closest and best companions. Dogs mean so much to us, they live up to their given roles as: protector, lifesaver, and companion. We become inseparable with our dogs, and they become our shadow. I found that this bond and relationship overtime becomes one of the deepest we have, despite our communication differences. What I didn’t know was how huge the physical, mental and emotional impact having a dog could lend a human…

pets health benefits

I know personally speaking, there have been PLENTY of New England weather days I have not wanted to go outside, but you know who did? My wiggly companion. There are numerous studies showing that dog owners get more physical activity, which could lead to a prolonged and healthier life. With increase in activity, it has been proven time and time again, heart heath can be improved – Increasing the longevity of life with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Emotionally speaking, dog ownership has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, and encourage playfulness.

For me, dog ownership & my best bud gives me a sense of security, belonging and happiness. It’s unbelievable how well he knows me, and how well I know him in return. He’s incredibly silly, giving me constant smiles & laughing fits. As an adult, I play more, get outside more, breathe fresh air & get in the sun more. My little ball of energy cracked open my heart, and has made me a much happier, healthier (physically, mentally and emotionally) version of myself, and for that I am forever grateful.

– Maddie

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