Rachel Geddis, MS, RDN


Qualifications: Registered Dietitian
Born: Jamestown, RI
Now Lives: Plymouth, MA

Professional background leading to career in health and wellness: 

I received my degree in Health Policy Administration. In many of my classes we discussed the problems with our healthcare system, and much of it had to do with the lack of preventative care.  After many discussions and assignments around this topic, I decided I wanted to be part of the solution more that I wanted to deal with the administrative side.

What reasons you are passionate about helping others: 

I just find it fascinating that by changing your lifestyle, you can greatly impact your health. I don’t think that this information is shared enough in healthcare because prescription drugs are an easier fix. I feel that it is really important for everyone to have this information in order to live their best life.

What do you enjoy in your free time:

I love spending time in new places, hiking, cooking and paddle boarding.  I also like reading about nutrition, and new research.


  • Place

    The Pacific Northwest or Cinque Terre

  • Restaurant

    Taco Escobarr in Portland, ME

  • Food


  • Holiday Spot

    Acadia National Park over Columbus Day was pretty amazing.  Fall in New England is beautiful!

  • City

    I’m not much of a city person, maybe Charleston SC or San Diego CA

  • TV Show

    New Girl

  • Film

    Really depends on my mood, maybe Stranger Than Fiction

  • Singer/Group

    George Ezra

  • Celebrity

    Emma Stone

  • Book

    Food Rules by Michael Pollan

  • Sports

    I’m not really into sports, I like college football

  • Professional Team

    Not sure about this….I end up watching a lot of basketball so I guess I’ll go with the Celtics. 

  • Hobbies

    Traveling to/exploring new places, hiking, and paddle boarding.