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Madeline Bassinder, LMT

Management Team/Massage Therapist

Qualifications: Licensed Massage Therapist
Born: Newport, RI
Now lives: Jamestown, RI

Professional background leading to career in health and wellness: 

I was in Nursing school, approaching graduation when I made the decision that the reactive healthcare setting wasn’t where I wanted to be long-term. I thought about ways in which I could proactively help people get better physically, and stay healthy… Massage therapy was the perfect match!

What reasons you are passionate about helping others: 

I think it is that innate quality that many health care providers share in common – we are caregivers at the core. I love being able to build relationships with my clients, over weeks, months and years. I feel invested in getting them feeling better – helping them maintain a life free of pain, doing the things they love most.

What do you enjoy in your free time:

I am an outdoorsy person. I love traveling to new places to experience new things. Art is a huge passion of mine that I pair with any adventure, my camera in arms reach wherever I go! And music is always playing!


  • Place

    Outdoors, anywhere. Exploring new sites and places!

  • Restaurant

    The Grange. Providence, Rhode Island.

  • Food

    Thai Or Indian food

  • Holiday Spot

    New England. Anywhere near a Christmas tree or a warm fire!

  • City

    London, England

  • TV Show

    The Crown

  • Film

    Pride and Prejudice

  • Singer/Group

    Dustin Tebbutt or Dermot Kennedy

  • Celebrity

    Amal Clooney

  • Book

    The Time Travelers Wife

  • Sports

    Biking & Running, Hiking (..Anything outdoors)

  • Professional Team

    Do the Olympics count? 😉 Summer or Winter!

  • Hobbies

    Photography. Charcoal drawing. Travel. Plant-based cuisine/baking