Dominique Tanton, INHC

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Qualifications: Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, 200 hr yoga training, Mad dog Spinning instructor
Born: Newport, RI
Now Lives: Newport, RI

Professional background leading to career in health and wellness: 

For the past 15 years I have worked in the professional yachting industry as a personal chef and sailor. During that time, I was continuously trying to find balance, harmony and happiness while navigating my constantly changing environment. This journey created my love for yoga and meditation. My dedication to using holistic and natural ways to heal the body and mind. And it helped me find the joy, reward and community in getting a little sweaty;)

What reasons you are passionate about helping others: 

We have a chronic disease epidemic. People are sick and will only continue to get sicker if we keep with our current health care system. Through diet, behavioral and lifestyle changes we can prevent most chronic disease, and empower ourselves to lead a happier, healthier life, and ensure one for future generations.

What do you enjoy in your free time:

In my free time I enjoy Ocean Drive bike rides, walks in nature, skiing and hiking trips, experimenting in the kitchen, enjoying time with close friends and family and continuing my education in the health and wellness field.


  • Favorite Place


  • Favorite Restaurant

    My kitchen

  • Favorite Food


  • Favorite Holiday Spot

    a spa

  • Favorite City

    The City by the Sea

  • Favorite TV show

    Chefs Table on Netflix’s

  • Favorite Film


  • Favorite Singer/Group

    Trevor Hall

  • Favorite Book

    House of Spirits, Isabel Allende

  • Favorite Sports

    live sports

  • Favorite Professional Team

    the underdog

  • Favorite Hobbies

    biking, hiking, travel/exploring, skiing, sailing