Craig McFarlane, BPhEd, BSc

Human Performance Coach

Qualifications: BS Exercise Physiology & Human Nutrition
Born: New Zealand
Now lives: Newport, RI

Professional background leading to career in health and wellness: 

My current role is Human Performance Manager for the Sail GP USA team. Following on as Performance Manager for Americas’ Cup giants Oracle Team USA for both the 2013 and 2017 campaigns.

Previous to high performance sailing, I had spent 3 years as Strength & Conditioning Coach in professional rugby with the Wellington Lions & Super Rugby team ‘The Hurricanes’ – New Zealand. Then eight years with the highly successful London Saracens – UK.

Growing up in New Zealand I played every sport I could fit in, but excelled at Rugby. I realized very quickly the benefits what a structured strength & conditioning program directly had on performance. Once I added performance nutrition and a directed recovery program, then training load & intensity significantly improved. Seeing results first hand inspired me to study both these areas formally so I can make a difference to athletes in professional sport.

What reasons you are passionate about helping others: 

I am a people’s person. I was very fortunate to have been immersed positive cultural environments – both community and sporting teams. Humility, empathy, and ‘team’ become key values.

I have been helping others become better athletes and better humans my whole career, this is my reward, this is my passion.

What do you enjoy in your free time:

Travel is king for me. Growing up in a pretty isolated country one becomes naturally curious of other countries and cultures.

Coffee – great coffee, is my jam. I frequent café’s daily, my happy place!

Reading and podcasts. Mostly current S&C research, leadership. And health wellness centric such as: longevity, cognitive performance, sleep…



  • Place

    On or near the water

  • Restaurant

    Myers & Chang, Boston

  • Food

    Bacon & Eggs

  • Holiday Spot

    Anywhere in Italy and Bermuda

  • City


  • TV Show

    The Flight of the Concordes

  • Film

    Pulp Fiction

  • Singer/Group

    Pearl Jam

  • Celebrity

    Matt McConaughey

  • Book

    The Culture Code

  • Sport

    Rugby, Football, Sailing, Cricket, Triathlon, Volleyball

  • Professional Team

    All Blacks

  • Hobbies

    Gym, Swimming, Hiking, SUP, bad Golf