Abby Sayer Vellucci, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Qualifications: Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology
Born: Newport, RI
Now lives: Middletown, RI

Professional background leading to career in health and wellness: 

I went back to graduate school to pursue a career in speech language pathology after working in business for 10+ years.  I chose speech pathology because I have a love of language and communication, and because it’s an area with so many possible avenues that I knew I’d never get bored.  There will always be something new to learn, whether it’s a new technique for addressing a disorder I’ve worked with for many years, or whether it’s learning how to treat disorders I’ve never encountered before.

What reasons you are passionate about helping others: 

Speech pathology is both an art and a science. It encompasses the entire human lifespan, from birth to old age.  Every human being wants to communicate and make connections with others, and being a speech language pathologist allows me to help remove or minimize any barriers to communication that may exist in order to help people connect, communicate and participate more fully with others.

What do you enjoy in your free time:

At the moment, my husband Mike and I have our hands full with our two sons, Ben (3 1/2) and Nick (7 months), so free time seems like a foreign concept!  However, we all really love spending time together at the beach on sunny days or playing games and reading books on rainy days at home.


  • Place

    A cabin on Yawgoo Pond, Exeter, RI

  • Restaurant

    Clark Cooke House

  • Food

    Caprese salad with prosciutto

  • Holiday Spot

    Island hopping in the Bahamas

  • City

    Vienna, Austria

  • TV Show

    The Crown

  • Film

    Pride and Prejudice (BBC version)

  • Singer/Group

    Paul Simon

  • Celebrity

    Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

  • Book

    Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen

  • Sport

    I grew up playing ice hockey, and played all the way through college.  My favorite sport to watch is tennis.

  • Professional Team

    Patriots and Red Sox

  • Hobbies

    Reading, Gardening, Wine tasting, Cooking